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Mar. 23rd, 2012


(no subject)

Here is some Community porn I wrote and stuck on AO3 one time.

Title: Where Is My Mind?
Author: goluath
Pairing: Jeff Winger/Britta Perry
Word Count: 2000ish
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Jeff and Britta have early morning pre-class sex. For no discernable reason.
Warnings: PWP. Graphic(ish).
Author's Note: Set around S2 E21. Not episode specific. No spoilers.

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Oct. 22nd, 2011


stop being robbed.

My dad has collected his change in a Budweiser 'tin', ever since I can remember. It's a cardboard cylinder with a metal lid, with the red and white logo peeling away. He uses only two hiding places, so my sister and I help ourselves whenever we are in dire need of bus money.

Every couple of months, my dad will sit at the kitchen table, spread a sheet of newspaper across the surface and dump the coins out to be counted. We laugh at him but the man loves counting his millions. I once suggested that he get a coin jar with an electronic lid that counts the coins as you drop them in. But no way: he enjoys this ritual too much. He puts all his coins into the correct bank baggies and goes on his merry way.

Yesterday, he took stock after three or so months. He had €130. Not too bad. Out of this, he refueled the car and got some messages. Today he went with the remainder (about €90) to the bank where his account has been held since about 1990. He wanted to change the money for notes; he was told no, he'd have to lodge it. Fair enough. He was then told there is a 2% charge for lodging his money. He lodged it. He had no choice.

He was charged for lodging HIS money into HIS account. Fuck you, Permanent TSB.

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Jun. 1st, 2009



I love making new friends and being nosey reading about other people's lives, so leave me a comment if we have something in common, and I'll add you right back :)

♥ Ais